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There are times we all find ourselves stuck in our daily routines, following the same patterns and languishing in monotony. But there is certainly a way out. All we need to do is think out of the box and begin to experience life differently and more positively. You can do this too, by following some small steps to break out of the rinse-repeat mode. Read on to know what you can do to beat the blues and make 2021 more fun:

1. An online Tai Chi session for a stress-free life

Is the routine making you anxious and depressed? How about signing up for one of the many Tai Chi classes online? Choose a reputed practitioner and sign up for a course on the internet. Practice mindfulness and living in the moment, as you focus on simple physical movements, deep breathing and meditation. You could also sign up for yoga classes online or meditation courses — whatever it is that sparks joy.

2. A staycation to drive away boredom

Nothing like a fun and safe weekend holiday to drive away the boredom. Soak in nature’s beauty; catch some spectacular sunsets or sunrises; explore heritage destinations …there are plenty of choices at your disposal. A staycation where you can just relax and get yourself treated to some great food or a relaxing spa session is a great away to beat the blues. Offers such as 10% cashback at MakeMyTrip and 2 complimentary domestic lounge visits every quarter are yours to enjoy with YOUnique Credit Card from RBL Bank.

3. A movie date night

If you are a film buff, how about heading out to the movies with your loved ones to break away from the monotony of work and home life? Nothing like the magic of the movies to drive the blues away. Book tickets online and enjoy a hassle-free and safe time out at the movies. With YOUnique Credit Card, you get 10% discount on movie tickets at BookMyShow, 15 times in a year.

4. Let the Green drive away the blues

The best way to break out of a rut is to take up some gardening. You can buy seeds, saplings and even gardening kits and grow a balcony garden. It is the best gift you can give yourself as it is bound to make you feel energised and happy.

5. Makeovers for the very bored

Nothing can break the monotony of your day better than trying on new outfits or a new look. You don’t need a reason to change up your style, try a new shade of lipstick, or paint your nails a new shade. You can shop online for cosmetics, clothes and accessories, and give yourself a nice makeover.

6. Jazz up your home

How about a home redecorating project? Sometimes, changing the colour themes, patterns, throwing in a new rug or hanging up a new piece of wall art can make your home look different and exciting. Thanks to online shopping, you can get everything from art to cushions, terrariums and succulents to furniture, home delivered.

7. Game night with the family

Dust out some favourite board games and rediscover the joy of bonding with loved ones. Don’t have one at home? You can always shop online from a vast collection of board games at Amazon or Flipkart. You get 20 reward points for every Rs. 100 spent on these two sites with YOUnique Credit Card from RBL Bank.

8. New perspectives for a new you

You can think of really small changes to mix things up a bit. Just watch a show in a new language or something you have never watched before. Or order a new set of flavoured teas.

Much the same way that everyday life gets boring with fixed routines and set tasks, so do our ideas sometimes. Breaking free from the rut and shopping for things that add colour and a new shared experience can help you refresh your perspective..

Be it your gardening needs or your makeover requirements, we’ve got you covered! You can win vouchers at Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra and many more brands and earn 20 points for every Rs. 100 spent online , with your YOUnique Credit Card.

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