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While all mothers ought to be celebrated each day of the year, Mother’s Day serves as a special occasion that is devoted to their celebration. Landing on Sunday, May 9th this year, people can shower their love on their mothers in a number of ways. A thoughtful present can go a long way in showcasing appreciation to those who have raised you.

Financial Gifts and their Benefits

Provided one can, they must consider giving their mother a financial gift this Mother’s Day. Their relevance and superiority in comparison to other forms of presents lie in the fact that they tend to generate and accumulate wealth over time. The 2nd wave of the Coronavirus pandemic in India has wreaked havoc on countless lives and left the economy in shatters. This has meant that individuals need to be more careful with their finances and economic prudence is vital. Gifting during this time should therefore be sensible and ought to provide the benefiter with viable returns.

Forms of Financial Presents

Those who choose to go ahead with presenting their mother or other maternal figures in their life with a financial present have a wide range of options to choose from. Some viable options have been mentioned below.

1. Fixed Deposits:

By making a lump sum investment under a fixed deposit in a bank under your mother’s name, she is provided with funds should she have any short-term financial goals. Additionally, she could choose from a number of investment plans ranging from those which are cumulative and those which aren’t. If she chooses to have the funds be locked in for 5 years, she can save on taxes too.

2. Mutual Funds:

By purchasing mutual funds for your mother or a maternal figure, they are provided with a financial tool capable of generating and multiplying wealth which can counter inflation over long swathes of time. Your mother can rest easy knowing you have made arrangements for her long-term financial goals. Investments can be made across a number of categories and allow for diversification. Investments made into mutual funds can be modest and needn’t be vast should your pockets not allow it. Mutual funds facilitate liquidity and owing to the fact that they are managed by professional investors responsible for the fund, invested amounts are safe for the most part.

3. Health insurance:

In today’s day and age, having health insurance is a prudent expense that all individuals must consider investing in. Healthcare prices have skyrocketed over the past few years and investing in health insurance can save you from having to fund vast medical bills should they arise. The Coronavirus pandemic has only further compounded the need for this form of insurance. By purchasing a health insurance policy for your mother, both, you as well as she can be secure in the knowledge that she will have access to a layer of financial security should there be any medical expenses. Your mother is only getting older and considering her medical expenses and needs, is the responsible thing to do.

4. Gold Bonds:

Indian households collectively account for the largest holders of gold in the world. Keeping this sentiment in mind along with the general popularity of gold, individuals can choose to invest in gold bonds for their mothers. The risks associated with the purchase of gold in its physical form are eliminated when purchasing gold bonds. These risks include storage arrangements and associated costs.

5. Pay off- liabilities:

Choosing to pay or clear any pre-existing debts in your mother’s name should she have any, can help remove the weight from her shoulders and allow her to sleep stress-free at night. Her quality and standard of living too can improve as she might now have more funds to spend as she would like.

Long-term Value of Such Presents

The value of such financial presents lies in the fact that they continue to be relevant 5 to 10 years down the line. By opting for such gifts for your mother, you can provide them with a sense of financial security. Operating as responsible forms of presents, your mother will be truly impressed by the foresight and fiscal prudence with which these purchases have been made. Presents like fixed deposits and mutual fund investments can be a positive addition to their retirement fund or other long-term financial goals they might have their sight set on. Moreover, these presents have the potential to accumulate wealth if left untouched for long periods of time indicating their worth as a gift that keeps on giving. Mothers are considered to be the epitome of generosity and it’s only apt that they receive gifts of a similar nature.


This Mother’s Day consider gifting your mother or an important maternal figure in your life with a financial gift. They serve as viable presents that continue to give returns long after they are gifted.

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