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While the pandemic has been difficult for the world at large, it has been especially harsh on the medical fraternity. Despite the toll that it has taken on our doctors and frontline healthcare workers, the passion, determination and grit with which the whole fraternity has valiantly continued to fight the battle and risk their lives against COVID-19, cannot be adequately compensated with even the highest of laurels. While we get to observe social distancing as much as possible, doctors gear up for battle and run into the fire. Moreover, they are now also working together to vaccinate our communities across India and the globe. The world will remain forever indebted to their contribution. Thus, on the occasion of National Doctor’s Day on July 1 we all can recognise the importance and contribution of doctors in the society. They are the ultimate Superheroes on the frontline.

Origin of National Doctor’s Day

India celebrates National Doctor’s Day on July 1 each year, in honour of the birth and death anniversary of the great physician and the second Chief Minister of West Bengal, Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy. While India has vastly progressed in the medical field, since then, the work of Dr. B.C Roy will always be a valuable foundation for the country. This day serves to show gratitude to all those who have selflessly aided us in our time of need and tirelessly worked for the health of their patients.

How to observe Doctor’s Day 2021

Take this opportunity to thank the doctors who have been with you and your family for years. If you have a young doctor in your social circle or in your neighbourhood, drop them a small message & express your gratitude for their incredible, selfless service. Let them know that they do not stand alone in their fight and that you see their sacrifice and the unmatched discipline and integrity it takes to serve with such passion.


Continuing to adhere to the COVID-19 safety protocols like maintaining social distancing; washing hands on a regular basis; and most of all, venturing outdoors only when absolutely necessary, is also another way to honor and commemorate the contribution of the medical fraternity. One less individual infected, is one less patient that doctors have to treat.

  • Fight misinformation at every level – whenever and wherever possible. Misinformation about how the virus spreads and quick fix remedial measures only add to the problem of an overburdened healthcare system.

  • Get vaccinated as early as possible. Only once a large number of people are vaccinated, will we see a decrease in COVID-19 infections. This will consequently, lessen the burden on our healthcare workers.

  • Most of all, treat the medical fraternity with utmost respect and compassion and appreciate their tireless effort in pulling back the tide of the pandemic.

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