Financial services are undergoing lots of disruptions. The businesses are concentrating their efforts to redefine their existing business models. The technological changes are exerting good amount of pressure on existing functionalities to create and cater differentiated product and services. The financial institutions must extend their limitations and work with customer, business partners and competitors to create blooming ecosystems.

Digital disruptions are changing the way of existing functionaries in past decades. So as the branchless business are becoming popular among customers as well. The start-up have constantly introducing new technology provide automated process to their customers.

The success of disruptive services is based on two factor i.e. innovation in technology and customers readiness to adapt the technology.


Mobile users are growing exponentially in the market. Any change in the mobile segment has been quickly adapted and absorbed in the economy. Almost every other business is presenting their services with the mobile application for their customers. This is adding to convenience of customers in every business segment. Few of the example in mobility are fund transfer money to account, pay bills, transfer money to mobile/person etc. Some of the basic feature we observed are checking the balance of accounts, review transactions, observe bill due for payment and look for offices of the business.

Biometrics devices:

These services are increasing being popular in financial segment as it helps to overcome the threat of identity of user of the service.

Social media:

The companies identify social media as means of communication and customer engagement for brand promotion and penetration. Almost every business has the Facebook, Twitter or other social media pages displayed for the customer to get in contact with corporates. Recently, we have seen that few of the organisation have started with transfer of funds through these medium of communication as well.

Contextual business: Making right offer at right time to the right customer has always been the avenue to create benchmark in the market. These services will achieve breakthrough in the market soon.


The telecom, FMCG players and few financial institutions have established automated process for transferring funds from one customer to other customer, pay bills instantly, settle their small obligation at one click.

These disruptions have become popular in the market. Many financial functions are adopting ‘mobile first’ approach to drive their strategic mission.