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The novel coronavirus reaches its peak in the country, the need to remain safe and practice social distancing is slowly becoming second nature to everyone. Brick and mortar businesses have resorted to digital transactions to the best of their capacities, to warrant the practice of safety norms.

In the midst of a global economic shutdown, there was a rise in digital and remote banking processes taking place. Further, The World Health Organization (WHO) has also advised people to use contactless payment methods as much as possible. Banks in India are witnessing a drastic change as the country is now working and transacting remotely, leaving a lot of space for digital processes to take off.

To help support customers for all their requirements, RBL Bank has launched various contactless banking initiatives in lieu of COVID-19 and its effects.

  • Instant Digital Account Opening: Open your digital savings account now in just 5 minutes.
  • Video KYC: You no longer have to make a run to the branch to complete your KYC process as it can be easily done in one go right from the comfort of your home with Video KYC.
  • MoBank: Worrying about bank timings and logistics is a thing of the past; you can carry your account with you through MoBank.
  • Internet Banking: Now, contactless and safe banking is accessible from anywhere to assure you of the safety of your funds. You can log into your Net Banking account and access your history anytime you want.
  • Virtual Debit Card: Why to carry a physical Debit card when you can have a Virtual Debit Card right on your smart phone? Manage your debit card now on your fingertips!
  • Tap & Pay: Just place your contactless debit card within a few inches of the payment machine and your payment is completed. All it takes is a simple tap!
  • Scan & Pay: Just scan the “Bharat QR” code using your RBL MoBank App and make all your payments seamlessly.
  • Cardless cash withdrawal at ATM: You can now withdraw cash without a physical card.
  • WhatsApp Banking: Taking user experience a little further, WhatsApp Banking enables one to perform tasks like checking account statements, blocking debit cards and downloading account statements with simple prompts on the App.
  • RBL Cares:Your very own personal banking assistant acts as your buddy and guides you through all banking related queries.


With the arrival of contactless banking processes in the new normal, customers no longer have to pay a visit to a bank branch to follow-through with any transactions, be it mere fund transfers, investments or information on loans. Looking ahead, contactless banking not only solves the issue of contagion but also simplifies life for patrons of a bank.

Click here to know more about our contactless banking.

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