For providing 24×7 instant resolution to customer queries, RBL bank has introduced the chatbot – RBL Cares. RBL Cares is an AI (Artificial Intelligence) & NLP (Natural Language Processing) powered digital assistant for managing customer queries. Now, let’s understand how a chatbot works.

What is a chatbot and how does it work?

With the tremendous advancement in digital technology, automated-operations using Artificial Intelligence (AI)-driven web applications, have gained prominence. A chatbot is a typical example of this technology – To put it simply, a chatbot is a computer program, which is designed to simulate conversation with humans.

RBL Cares is a conversational chatbot with transaction capability. Here’s a look at its features and benefits:

1. 24×7 Availability: Ask your queries anywhere and anytime to get instant answers.

2. Quick and Easy: One of the easiest ways to interact for immediate responses

3. Safe & Secure: RBL Cares is a digitally secured chatbot – It provides for privacy of your questions, and the digitally secure mechanism ensures that no third-parties can access or intercept your queries.

So, get started with your banking buddy ‘RBL Cares’ for any query related to RBL Bank!

Services available with RBL Cares:

You can perform a wide range of banking services operations with the help of the RBL chatbot.

Banking Credit Cards
Check Account Balance Apply for a new Card
Download Statement View Card Summary
Open a Fixed Deposit / Recurring Deposit View Last Five Transactions
Fund Transfer (NEFT / IMPS) Download Card Statement
Block / Unblock Debit Card View Reward Points Summary
Reset Debit Card PIN Check Credit Limit
Update your Email Address Credit Limit Increase Request
Cheque Book Request Enable / Disable International Transactions
Stop Cheque Payment Block / Unblock Card
View your Credit Score View Statement Cycle date
Apply for new products and many more! Opt for E-statement and many more!

You can also ask various queries related to RBL Bank’s products, process and services.

For e.g., I want to know the interest rates of Savings Accounts / Credit card fees and charges / Give me the location for Malad branch / What is UPI / How to register for RBL MoBank / How can I pay credit card bills etc.

To conclude, RBL Cares is your perfect banking buddy for all queries related to RBL Bank. Get access to specialized banking services and products by relying on RBL Bank – among India’s fastest growing private sector banks, with an expanding presence across the country.