RBL Bank’s range of Credit Cards will ensure that you embrace the foodie in you

There’s no time like the present for the Indian foodie. There are so many options available today, from the tongue-tickling bhel puri from your local street vendor to pate de foie gras at a fancy French restaurant. Rising disposable incomes have enabled gourmands to indulge to their heart’s content; all they need is a bit of plastic – the Credit Card.

Let’s look at some of the food options available:

  • Italian: Pizza and pasta have taken India by storm. There’s hardly a place in India where you don’t get them in some form or another. But there’s more to Italian food than just pizza and pasta. Nowadays, you get more rarefied versions of Italian – not just pasta smothered in tomato ketchup. The fancier Italian places feature offerings like amatriciana pasta, caprese salad with pesto sauce and lasagna, all served with fine Italian wines.
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  • Chinese: Chinese has become so popular that it’s almost become Indian. Of course, it’s Chinese with a decidedly Indian flavour, and not many in China would be familiar with concoctions like fried rice or chicken Manchurian. But now, food lovers can find authentic Chinese in some fine dining restaurants, straight out of Sichuan, Guangdong or Beijing.
  • Indian: India has so much variety on offer that it would take a lifetime to cover all the specialties in India – masala dosa, biryani, kababs, fish curry – The options are endless and cover all sections of the food chain – from roadside dhabas to fine dining cuisine. Indians are proud of their cuisine, and modern Indian chefs are coming out with fusion cuisine that combine the best of what the country has to offer to a discerning palate.
  • Besides these, more and more people are experimenting with offerings from various parts of the world, like Thai, Vietnamese, Japanese and French. The gastronome’s world is expanding by the day, and a Credit Card is the `Open Sesame’ to an Aladdin’s Cave of culinary delights.

    Credit Card and the foodie

    As we have mentioned above, the Credit Card has opened up a new range of possibilities for the foodie. But you have to get your cards right to get the biggest bang for your buck. By picking the right Card, you can have the Black Forest cake and eat it too. Take for example the RBL Bank range of credit card offerings that could make your eating out experience a worthwhile one.

    Here are some of the benefits you can get by using your RBL Credit Card for your fine dining excursions:

    • An RBL Bank Cookies Credit Card gets you an annual Zomato Gold membership on spending Rs 1.5 lakh or more in a year. You can get discounts, cashbacks and complimentary dishes with this membership.
    • You can get 20X rewards on all dining spends on Wednesdays when you use your RBL Bank Movies and More Credit Card
    • An RBL Bank Blockbuster Credit Card will get you 20X rewards on all dining spends on weekends
    • You can get 10% value back on RBL Bank Titanium Delight Card if you order pizza from Domino’s or Pizza Hut online every Wednesday night
    • RBL Bank Icon Credit Card will get you 20 Reward Points for every Rs.100 spent on weekend on dining up to a maximum of 2000 Reward Points per month
    • RBL Bank Platinum Maxima Card will get you 10 Reward Points for every Rs. 100 spent on dining

    So what are you waiting for? Grab that Credit Card and enjoy your evening out. To apply for an RBL Bank Credit Card click here.