In today’s world, credit cards have become a must-have for travel enthusiasts. Offering unbeatable benefits and convenience, these financial instruments simplify transactions and take your travel experience to the next level!

In this guide, we will explore how you can make the most of the travel credit cards.

Choosing the Right Travel Credit Card

Choosing the right travel credit card can significantly enhance your journey and maximize your rewards. Here are some of the most important things to consider when choosing a travel credit card:

1. Rewards Programs: The credit card reward points, miles, and cashbacks are redeemable for travel expenses. Consider the flexibility and value of your rewards program. Some cards offer bonus points for specific travel purchases (e.g. flights, hotels or dining) while others offer a flat rate on all purchases. Make sure your rewards match your travel requirements and spending patterns to get the most bang for your buck.

2. Annual Fees and Interest Rates: Compare the annual fees to the benefits of the credit card. While some premium travel cards may have higher annual fees, they often come with exclusive benefits, such as airport lounge memberships, travel credits, concierge services, etc. You can also compare the interest rates on outstanding balances to ensure they match your budget and payment habits.

3. Foreign Transaction Fees: Travel credit cards ideally do not charge foreign transaction fees or charge very low foreign transaction fees when making foreign purchases. Foreign transaction fees accumulate quickly and can have a significant affect your travel expenses.

4. Travel Insurance and Other Perks: Most travel credit cards have travel insurance policies, including trip cancellation / interruption insurance, luggage loss/delay insurance, and medical emergency assistance. Check your card’s coverage and terms to make sure they cover what you need and are compatible with your travel insurance policies. There are also other benefits to consider, such as complimentary airport lounge access, priority boarding access, and statement credits for your travel expenses. All of these can improve your travel experience.

5. Offers: While you are at it, keep an eye out for promotional offers. Many travel credit cards offer generous sign-up bonus miles or bonus points to new cardholders after they meet a minimum spending requirement for their first few months. These introductory offers are a great way to get a head start on your earning rewards and adding value to your account. You can also look out for ongoing promotions. Some travel credit cards have bonus rewards for specific spending categories, or you can get a discount on travel purchases through the travel partners.

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Understanding the Rewards System

Maximizing rewards and points with your travel credit card is key to getting the most out of your card’s benefits. Here’s how you can make the most of your rewards system:

  • Points vs miles: Most travel credit cards provide points to reward you for purchases. These points can be used to pay for travel expenses, from flights to hotel stays to car rentals to more. Points offer a lot of flexibility and can be worth a lot of money depending on your card’s rewards program.
    Some travel credit cards offer miles as rewards, especially those that are co-branded with airlines. These miles can be redeemed for flights on the issuing airline or partners. Although miles are often tied to airlines, they can be very valuable for frequent flyers who value airline loyalty.
  • Earning strategies: Use your travel credit card on daily purchases to earn rewards consistently. From food and drink purchases to shopping and utility costs, spend as much as possible on your credit card to earn points or miles. Many travel credit cards also offer bonus rewards in certain spending categories. These categories may include travel, dining, gas, groceries, or entertainment. You can use these categories to earn additional points or miles by matching your spending habits to the card’s rewards structure.

Planning and Booking Travel with Credit Card Rewards

Credit card rewards allow you to plan and book travel with ease. Here is how you can make the most of out of your rewards points and miles:

  • Travel credit cards offer points redeemable for flights, hotels, and more through their portals.
  • No blackout dates, allowing flexibility in booking with preferred airlines and hotels.
  • Some cards offer points convertible to airline miles or hotel loyalty points.
  • Transferable points can unlock better redemption rates and premium upgrades.
  • Exclusive online travel portals on many cards offer perks like discounted rates and bonus rewards.
  • These portals enhance the overall value and convenience for cardholders.

Travel-Friendly Features of Credit Cards

When it comes to traveling, a good credit card can make a world of difference. From added security to exclusive benefits, travel-enhancing features can make your trip even better and give you peace of mind while on the move. Let us look at some of the key features that make credit cards essential for travelers:

1. Chip and PIN Technology:

  • Provides enhanced security for global transactions.
  • Widely accepted by merchants and ATMs worldwide, reducing the risk of fraud.

2. Travel Insurance Coverage:

  • Comprehensive protection against trip cancellations, medical emergencies, and lost luggage.
  • It offers peace of mind during travel, ensuring financial security against unforeseen circumstances.

3. Airport Lounge Access:

  • Complimentary access to airport lounges worldwide with premium amenities.
  • Allows travelers to relax and unwind in a tranquil environment before flights.

4. Concierge Services:

  • Personalized assistance for travel arrangements, dining reservations, and event tickets.
  • Adds convenience and support throughout the journey, relieving travelers of logistical burdens.

5. Virtual Credit Cards on Banking Apps:

  • Secure online transactions with an extra layer of protection against fraud.
  • Virtual Credit Cards are easily generated and used for online purchases, offering a seamless and secure payment solution for travel bookings.

Smart Spending Habits Abroad

Traveling abroad presents unique financial challenges. Here are key tips to ensure smart spending:

  • Currency exchange considerations: Before you travel, know the currency exchange rates of your destination country so you know how much your money will be worth. Check the exchange rates offered by your bank, currency exchange kiosk, or ATM to find the best exchange rate with low fees.
  • Security tips for using credit cards overseas: Let your bank know about your travel plans to prevent card blocks due to suspicious activity. Chip-enabled cards offer increased security and are used globally.
  • Monitoring transactions and setting alerts: Monitor credit card transactions online or through banking apps. Set up alerts to receive notifications of suspicious activity, allowing prompt action.
  • Budgeting: Plan expenses meticulously to avoid overspending.

Managing Credit Card Debt While Traveling

Managing credit card debt while traveling is essential to avoid financial stress. Here’s how to stay on top of your finances:

  • Budgeting for travel expenses: You will need to budget for accommodation, transportation, food, and activities. Set aside a budget for each category so you do not overspend.
  • Paying off balances to avoid high-interest charges: You do not want to pay high interest on your credit card balance, so make sure to pay on time. Use calendar reminders or banking apps to keep track of payment due dates.

RBL Bank’s Credit Card Offerings for Travel

Introducing RBL Bank World Safari Credit Card, one of the best travel credit cards and your companion for enhanced travel experiences. For just an annual membership fee of INR 3,000, this card is packed with enticing benefits tailored to excite your inner traveler and adventurer.

Upon acquiring the card, you will receive a generous welcome gift in the form of a MakeMyTrip voucher worth INR 3,000, instantly setting the stage for your next getaway. But that’s not all – with every swipe, you’ll earn valuable travel points on all your expenditures. These accumulated points can be easily redeemed towards booking flights and hotels, providing you with greater flexibility and freedom to explore the world on your terms.

Whether you’re dreaming of a luxurious vacation or an adventurous escape, the RBL Bank World Safari Credit Card is your passport to unforgettable experiences. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to elevate your travel adventures and make every journey truly extraordinary.

Experience the freedom to spend globally with the World Safari Credit Card, featuring a 0% markup fee on foreign currency transactions. Enjoy significant savings, equivalent to 4% on all foreign currency exchanges. This is an unbeatable offer that enhances your travel experience while saving you money.

Credit Card You Spend You Pay
RBL Bank World Safari $100 $100

Other Credit Cards

(3.5% foreign currency markup + GST @18%)*
$100 $104.13


Delve into a world of exclusive benefits with the World Safari Credit Card, tailored to cater to your every travel need:

  • Rewarding Experiences: Earn 2 travel points for every INR 100 spent on purchases and 5 travel points for every INR 100 spent on travel. These points can be redeemed for a variety of purchases, including hotels and air travel, through the RBL Bank Rewards portal.
  • Miles and Milestones: Reach new heights with additional travel points as you hit spending milestones. Receive 10,000 extra travel points upon annual spending of INR 2.5 lakhs and an additional 15,000 travel points on spending INR 5 lakhs annually. Moreover, unlock a gift card worth INR 10,000 on purchases totaling INR 7.5 lakhs from premium brands.
  • Complimentary Lounge Access: Take your luxury and relaxation to the next level with free airport lounge access worldwide. With 2 complimentary lounge visits every calendar quarter at major airports in India and access to over 1,400 lounges outside India through the Priority Pass membership with 2 complimentary visits annually, RBL Bank offers credit cards with access to airport lounges and elevate your travel experiences to new heights.

Additionally, when you spend INR 50,000 in a quarter through RBL Bank World Safari Credit Card, you earn one extra lounge access outside India through Priority Pass, enhancing your travel privileges even further. Travel in style and comfort with RBL World Safari Bank credit card!

  • Travel Insurance: Travel worry-free with complimentary travel insurance coverage, encompassing personal liability, trip delay, baggage loss, loss of passport, and dental treatment, ensuring you’re protected against unforeseen mishaps during your travels.
  • 24/7 Concierge Desk: Access dedicated assistance for various services including golf course and hotel reservations, dining referrals, and information on spas, fitness centers, and sports facilities. Contact the Concierge Desk via Customer Service on 022 6232 7777.
  • Golf Privileges: Experience unparalleled golfing privileges. As a cardholder, you gain access to prestigious golf courses across the country, complemented by an array of exclusive benefits designed to enhance your golfing experience. Complimentary rounds & golf lessons and Discounted golf services beyond the complimentary sessions. Unlock a world of golfing excellence with your World Mastercard, where exclusive access and complimentary benefits redefine your golfing journey.

To sum up, credit cards are a game-changer in terms of convenience, rewards, and overall travel experience. With the right cards, the right rewards, and the right spending habits, you can take your travel to the next level and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with it. Travel the world with peace of mind and make every trip an unforgettable one with the perfect credit card.