Whether you are considering a short-term or a long-term investment, fixed deposits (FDs) offer guaranteed returns with attractive interest rates. In fact, fixed deposits in India have been a favourite mode to invest and grow money.

Gone are the times when a bank visit was a necessity. The process of initiating or withdrawing from an FD has become more convenient. Technological advancements are rapidly evolving the financial landscape with innovative solutions available at our fingertips to meet our investment needs.

The Evolution of Fixed Deposit

A Digital Fixed Deposit is an entirely online financial instrument that enables you to deposit a lump sum of money for a fixed duration at a predetermined interest rate, providing you with an assured return on your deposits. Some banks do not require you to have a savings account with them to open an FD.

Traditional FDs vs Digital FDs


Traditional FDs

Digital FDs


Requires bank visit

Can be booked at the convenience of your home

Opening Process

Paperwork and in-person

Online application


Limited by bank hours

24×7 accessibility


Physical documents

Digital verification


May require in-person

Online withdrawal process

Before booking a Digital FD, it is important to conduct thorough research to make an informed decision. Here are some key facts that you may consider:

Features & Benefits

1. Convenience:

Digital Fixed Deposit allow you to open, manage, and track your investment online with ease. You can open and manage your digital fixed deposit online from the comfort of your own home. You don’t need to go to the bank to make a deposit.

2. 24×7 Accessibility:

Digital Fixed Deposit are also available 24×7, unlike traditional fixed deposits. This means you can make investments whenever you want, without worrying about bank business hours.

3. Ease of Opening:

Online applications are also available on digital platforms. Fill in your details, choose tenure and amount, and submit your documents online, hence, saving your time and effort. Many digital FD platforms also come with calculators that let you calculate potential returns based on various tenures and interest rates.

4. Competitive Interest Rates:

With many digital platforms offering competitive interest rates, your money potentially yields higher returns than traditional FDs.

5. Flexibility:

Digital Fixed Deposit may also provide greater flexibility in terms of early withdrawal, term extensions, and reinvestment. This flexibility ensures that your investment keeps pace with your changing financial needs.

6. Secure Transactions:

Your transactions and investments are safeguarded by trusted digital platforms that take the necessary measures to secure your personal and financial information.

7. Paperless Process:

Digital Fixed Deposit reduce environmental impact by eliminating the need for paper-based documentation. The whole process, from start to finish, can be done digitally.

8. Immediate Access to Funds:

Upon maturity, the money is usually transferred directly to your linked bank account, allowing you quick access without any hassle.

Does FDs look interesting? Find out about RBL Bank’s Digital FD

RBL Bank’s Digital Fixed Deposit (FD) scheme is available to non-bank customers as well. Customers can book Digital FD within minutes without visiting a branch or opening a savings account with the Bank.

You can now open an FD online in 3 simple steps!

  1. Provide Aadhaar and PAN details
  2. Complete Full KYC in minutes
  3. Fund your FD

Features and Benefits of RBL Bank’s Digital FD

  • Competitive interest rates
  • Higher interest rates for Senior & Super Senior Citizens
  • Avail daily hospital cash cover
  • Zero penalty on pre-mature withdrawals
  • FD withdrawals can be transferred to your own Savings Account
  • Along with FD you can open RBL Bank Digital Savings Account in just 2 clicks

Additional benefits include embedded insurance and RBL Bank Digital Savings Account. Customers can avail themselves of a credit card or overdraft facility on their FD. The FD holders can enjoy insurance coverage under HospiCash policy which covers regular medicine requirements and doctor consultations. RBL Bank also offers high fixed deposit interest rates for senior [Age: 60+ years] & super senior [Age: 80+ years] citizens.

Terms & conditions applied


Digital Fixed Deposits provide a convenient and secure investment option with assured returns. With competitive interest rates, online platforms present a seamless and user-friendly approach to grow your savings.