The Zero Balance Accounts are designed to cater to the various financial requirements, thus ensuring that financial services are accessible to all. This inclusivity is in line with the larger objective of providing financial security to all.

What is a Zero Balance Account?

If you’re looking for a way to save without having to worry about maintaining minimum balance, a Zero Balance Account is the way to go! It’s the perfect way to get all the perks of traditional banking without having to keep a certain amount in your account.

Benefits of Zero Balance Account

Zero Balance Accounts provide a variety of advantages, making them a desirable choice for a wide range of individuals:

1. No Minimum Balance Required:

The biggest perk is that you don’t have to keep a minimum balance on these accounts. That means you won’t have to worry about any fines or fees if you fail to maintain minimum balance.

2. High Interest Earnings:

Banks offer a fixed interest rate on the funds available in your account, enabling you to earn extra money from your savings.

3. Basic Banking Service:

Zero Balance Accounts are typically equipped with a variety of basic banking features, such as debit cards, access to ATMs, and online banking capabilities, enabling you to conduct transactions and manage your funds at your convenience.

4. Ease of Account Opening:

Most of the banks offer the convenience of opening these accounts digitally, thus making the whole process hassle-free and quick.

Tips to Keep in Mind before Opening a Zero Balance Account:

Zero balance accounts can be a cost-effective and convenient way to manage your money. By following some simple steps, you can make an educated choice, select the appropriate bank, and enjoy the benefits:

1. Choose the Right Bank:

If you’re looking to open a zero-balance bank account, the first thing you need to do is figure out which bank is right for you. You can conduct research based on your requirements and look at the various benefits offered. This way, you’ll have quick access to your money and can handle any problems right away.

2. Robust Online Banking:

One of the most important things in today’s world is convenience. Make sure that your bank’s online and mobile banking tools are up-to-date and reliable. With these tools, you can manage your bank account, pay your bills, and transfer money as per your convenience. Ensure that the digital banking services are easy to use and secure.

3. Charges and Fees:

Even though zero balance accounts don’t have a minimum balance requirement, other services can still come with some fees and charges. These can include ATM fees, fund transfer fees etc. Read through the bank’s fee structure normally called the Schedule of Charges (SOC) carefully to avoid surprises later.

RBL Bank GO Account

RBL Bank has launched its latest digital banking product, GO Savings Account. A zero-balance account with simple account opening process and easy-to-operate features, the product caters to customers of all age groups. The GO Savings Account signifies a modern shift in the world of banking, presenting a novel subscription-based model with a plethora of benefits, all bundled into a single package at 1st year subscription fee of INR 1,999 + taxes & annual renewal fee thereafter of INR 599 + taxes.


Key Features of GO Savings Account:

1. No Minimum Balance:

A zero-balance account is a great way to get rid of the hassle of keeping track of your account balances on a regular basis. You don’t have to worry about having a certain amount of money in your account because there are no minimum balance requirements.

2. Free Banking Features:

Experience the freedom of banking with your GO Account as it offers a wide range of services, including collections, payments, and cash transactions, all completely free. Bid adieu to additional charges and enjoy a seamless banking experience tailored to your convenience.

3. Premium GO Debit Card:

Get a free premium debit card of INR 1,500 with your GO Account and enjoy exclusive benefits and financial freedom without any hassle.

4. High interest rates:

Maximize your savings with your account, offering a competitive interest to on your maintained balance. Watch your money grow effortlessly while enjoying the convenience of a zero-balance account.

5. Free Cyber Insurance Cover:

Keep your online life safe and secure with our complimentary cyber insurance coverage in your GO Account. For the first year, you get up to INR 1 Lakh of cyber insurance coverage to protect you from online threats and make your banking experience safer.

6. Free Accident and Travel Insurance Cover:

Make sure you and your family are financially secured with the GO debit card, which comes with multiple kinds of free insurance up to a limit of INR 1 crore. Protect yourself and your family with these awesome insurance benefits, as a sign of our dedication to your financial security.

7. Vouchers worth INR 1,500:

Your GO Debit Card will provide you with INR 1,500 worth of vouchers on top brands, which will add value to your transactions. Enjoy a range of discounts and exclusive offers as a reward for opting for our premium account services.

8. Instant Online Account Opening:

Say goodbye to all that paperwork and open a GO account in just a few clicks. It’s an easy, hassle-free, and totally paperless way of banking.

9. Free Credit Report:

Get a free credit report once every year on continuing GO Account services.

If you’re looking to open an RBL Bank GO Account, these are the steps you need to take to get started:

  1. Provide Aadhaar and PAN details
  2. Complete full KYC in minutes
  3. Pay Joining Fee

All these steps can be completed in a short period of time, allowing you to take advantage of the benefits worth INR 10,000 with your account.

GO Savings Account is not only a banking solution, but also a commitment to financial inclusion. Whether you are new to the banking industry or seeking a simple account solution, our bank service is your entry point to a more convenient and accessible experience. The streamlined account opening process will enable customers to open an account in minutes by providing their PAN and Aadhaar details and the account can be easily opened digitally. Further, GO Account holders will enjoy fee-free transactions.

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