Developer portal is a web interface for publishing features, which are increasingly being used for communication with the developer/s community. This includes communicating static content, such as Guidelines, Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), Swagger, API documentation, terms-of-use and policies, as well as dynamic contributed content like forums, blogs and support pages.

As an API provider, the portal expose APIs, educate developers about our APIs, sign up developers and lets you register your apps. Exposing APIs to developers is only part of creating accentuating and dynamic community. It’s also a way for developer/s community to provide feedback, ask for support and submit their own content that can be accessed by other developers.

RBL Bank provides you with a Developer Services portal that you can use to build your own customized financial services and for development of community.

The developer portal is essentially a content management system. The developer portal lets you access API documentation, supports, blogs, and provides forums to share your views on technological changes in the industry.

  • Developers make up the community of users that build apps by using APIs. App developers can use the portal to learn about APIs through an API console, to register an account on the portal, to register apps that use your APIs, to interact with the developer community, and to view statistical information about their app usage on a dashboard.
  • API team is the API provider that creates portal content, makes APIs available to developers, provides Swagger, API documentation, and a mechanism for developers to register apps and obtain API keys.

The API team performs following functions :

  • Maintain Swagger, API documentation, forums, and blogs
  • Handle user comments and forum moderation
  • Manage content on portal
  • Respond to “contact us/support” pages

The portal provides for :

  • An easy sign-up process where new developers, apps, and APIs can be approved quickly
  • Documentation, such as how-to guides and documents
  • Easy access to various APIs
  • Community-contributed content viz. blogs, discussion forums etc.
  • Sample code – Swaggers, API Specifications

The steps in the default registration process are :

  1. New developer registers through the developer portal.
  2. In response, the portal sends an email to administrators to approve the account.
  3. An administrator approves or reject the request, and an email is sent to the developer
  4. Developer can now log in into account by using user credentials
  5. The developer registers an app and generate client secret and client key
  6. Browse the API products and subscribed to desired one
  7. The developer passes the client credentials when making requests through API