As India’s very own ‘Apno Ka Bank’, we join you in this season of family time, grateful to be a small part of your everyday happiness. These joyous occasions with loved ones lead to heartwarming memories, each being a story to cherish.

Over a steaming cup of ‘adrak-wali chai’, while discussing what to write, we wondered if we can just take this opportunity to share stories with you? Stories, which bring a smile to our face. Stories, which take us back to our childhood. Stories, which remind us of our loved ones.

In the exciting rush of the holiday season, with sweets being cooked and shopping plans being made, we often miss out on little moments of precious innocence and bonding. Here we share with you three stories from our dear colleagues at RBL Bank, as you #ShopBefikar with a smile!

All In A Day’s Work


The cashier, Anand called out, tapping away on the screen nonchalantly with practiced ease.

It took a bit longer than usual for the next customer to walk up to the counter, enough to make Anand look up a tad bit impatiently.

There was a decent queue right in front of him. Just when he was wondering why the lady at the front of the line wasn’t moving forward, a tiny hand managed to place a mighty action figure toy on the counter.

Bemused by the mystery hand, Anand looked over the counter to find a little boy looking at him with expectant eyes. Anand’s expression softened.

"Hi there!", he said to the child.

"Hi! I would like to buy this, please" 

"Of course, is there anything else that you would like to buy?"

"Just this, thank you!"

"How would you like to pay for this, sir?"

A moment's pause.

Little Kabir goes shopping

"Will you accept my toy car?"

At that moment, a couple came in, frantically looking around.

"Kabir! Thank god, there you are!"

"Hi Mom! Hi Dad! Look what I got!"

The parents joined Kabir right at the front of the queue, surrounded by a bunch of amused onlookers. The father, with a look of relief on his face, picked up his child. 

"Wow! And how were you planning to pay for this?"

"I just asked uncle if he will accept my toy car in exchange for it."

Anand and Kabir's father exchanged a look and a warm smile.

"Or, why don't we keep the car and let me buy this for you?"


It was settled then. The grown-ups exchanged pleasantries as an RBL Bank Debit Card was handed out, the brand new toy was packed and handed over to the most important customer of the day. Anand looked at the next customer in line, and called out with a wide smile on his face, “Next!”

One Minute Shopping?

"How does this look on me?"
"It's nice, but I like the white one better."

"Wait, let me try that on again so we can compare the two looks."
"Alright, but make it quick."

"I'll be in and out in a minute!"
Many minutes later: "Hmm..I kinda agree with you on this. But.." "Yes..?" "The blue one will look great with my new pair of pants!" "So will the white one!" "Ye-es, but I can always get something in white later." "You really want the blue one, don't you?" "YES!" "Haha! Well, that's settled then!" "Great! Or..wait..should I try the white one, one more time?" One minute shopping Finally at the sales counter, after many, many more minutes: "Thank you, sir. Let me's a total of six items. Would you be paying in cash or via card?" “Card, please. Here you go.” Varun offered his RBL Bank Credit Card. "It is a gift from me, Varun! Wait, I’ll use my RBL Bank Debit Card. It even has some useful offers which will add to the discount. Here!" "Thank you, ma'am. Your bill total is ₹7,439. The total after considering your points and the discount offer is ₹6,201. Will that be all?" "Yes please." A minute later - "Thank you, ma'am. Here's a copy of your bill. Thank you for shopping with us, have a great day!" "Thank you! Let's go, Varun." "Jaya, I was thinking..maybe I should buy that white shirt too. What do you say?" "VARUN!"

New Beginnings

Semi-organised piles of clothes were strewn across the room. Along with it, three large half-open traveller's bags, an assortment of books, medicines, utility pouch bags, empty shelves - in short, clear signs of the occupant moving out.

Richa walked into her room, coordinating with the movers and packers on the phone, and completely caught up in the packing process.

She had never lived away from her family in the 20 years of her existence. Sleepovers and the one odd vacation with her friends apart, her room, this house, her family and friends, this city was the only place that she had ever called "home."

There was so much to take care of! She had made detailed lists about every little thing that she would need to carry, being particularly mindful about the little things that you always assume to be "there". With inputs from everyone and anyone, she had managed to chalk out a monthly budget that she fully intended to stick to (and was pretty sure she would go over!.

New beginnings

Living on your own can be pretty expensive and quite a task, she thought to herself. Everything from daily groceries to household essentials needed to be constantly stocked up. Also, expenses around these were pretty much unavoidable, taking up most of her monthly budget.

She was sorting through a pile of clothes when she noticed a neat envelope that she definitely did not place there. Curious, she opened it to find a brand new RBL Bank Shoprite Credit Card inside. And a short but super sweet note from her father, "A little something for your new beginning. Hope this helps you #ShopBefikar for the laptop you always wanted! :) Love, Dad."

Smile on her face, she slipped the card and note into her wallet. It was one of those little things that she knew would make her feel at home in a different city!

From little Kabir’s adorable and thoughtful exchange of his toy car to a hilariously confused Varun – and from Jaya’s loving firmness to Richa’s first independent step in the outside world – the holiday season brings with it hope and faith, laughter and trust – and everything as relationships only continue to grow stronger.

RBL Bank is with you along the way, supporting all your personal banking needs with a robustness and reliability that only comes with being a part of the family. Experience effortless and seamless transactions with credit cards and debit cards brought to you by ‘Apno Ka Bank’.