A savings account isn’t just a place to put your money. – it’s a valuable financial tool. It offers stability, helps with managing everyday expenses and unexpected challenges.

In the digital era, a savings account ensures financial control through easy online access, mobile features, quick transfers, seamless bill payments, and real-time expense tracking.

Importance of Savings Account

A savings account is a strategic partner in wealth-building. Through accruing interest and capital preservation, it actively contributes to the growth of your financial resources.

A savings account takes on an even more essential role by ensuring financial control through various convenient features. With easy online access, you have the flexibility to manage your finances from anywhere. Mobile features provide additional convenience, allowing you to stay connected to your money on the go. Quick transfers make it easy to move funds between accounts, while seamless bill payments streamline your financial responsibilities. Real-time expense tracking enhances your awareness of spending patterns, empowering you to make informed financial decisions.

Additionally, it also helps with:

  • Stability and Management: A savings account provides stability and helps manage both every day and unforeseen expenses.
  • Turning Aspirations into Goals: It turns aspirations, such as dream vacations or home improvements, into tangible and attainable financial objectives.
  • Now, RBL Bank is giving a modern touch to this enduring financial tool, transforming the ordinary into extraordinary.

    Introducing the GO Digital Savings Account, where RBL Bank provides account-holders with benefits worth INR 10,000 and a host of advantages, surpassing what they would get with a regular savings account.

    Features of RBL Bank Go Account

    What is RBL Bank’s GO Digital Savings Account?

    RBL Bank’s GO Digital Savings Account is a modern and digital solution to your banking needs. It’s a zero-balance savings account, giving you maximum benefits such as unlimited ATM withdrawals and a premium debit card. With attractive interest rates of up to 7.5% per year, it’s designed for those who prefer a hassle-free banking experience.

    This account also offers insurance coverage for cyber fraud, accidents, and travel uncertainties. Opening an account is easy – just a few steps online, and you’re good to go. There’s a joining fee and an annual renewal fee, but the bank offers fee waivers based on how much you spend.

    5 Key Benefits of GO Digital Savings Account

    RBL Bank’s GO Digital Savings Account goes beyond the typical savings account to redefine what it means to be a digital savings account. You get exclusive benefits including a free Debit Card, INR 1,500 worth of vouchers, complimentary INR 1 Lakh Cyber Insurance Cover for the first year, and a free Credit Score. Plus, you can open your account completely online with just your Aadhar and PAN.

    • Zero Balance Savings Account: No more worrying about maintaining a minimum balance. The GO Digital Savings Account is open to everyone.
    • Premium Debit Card: Experience the perks of a premium debit card – tap and pay, higher ATM withdrawal limits, and enhanced Point of Sale capabilities.
    • Competitive Interest Rates: Watch your money grow with an interest rate of up to 7.5% per annum, offer better returns compared to traditional savings accounts.
    • Enhanced Security: Protect yourself from digital uncertainties with comprehensive insurance coverage, including cyber fraud, travel, and accidents.
    • Unlimited ATM Access: Enjoy the convenience of unlimited ATM withdrawals, fitting seamlessly into your busy lifestyle.


    Why Consider the GO Digital Savings Account?

    In a world full of banking options, the GO Digital Savings Account stands out for a few simple reasons:

    • Affordable Subscription: A first-year subscription fee of INR 1,999 + GST and an annual renewal fee of INR 599 + GST (waived off on spends of INR 1 lakh or above using the GO Debit Card) makes the GO Account an affordable choice.
    • Easy Account Opening: Start your journey effortlessly with digital account opening process. Complete your KYC, provide personal details, and pay the joining fee in just three steps.
    • More Than Just Benefits: From free international cash withdrawals to a complimentary CIBIL report, it offers more than you might expect.

    In the words of Deepak Gaddhyan, Head of Branch and Business Banking at RBL Bank:“The launch of ‘GO Savings Account’ bridges the gap between traditional and digital banking by offering a compelling value proposition for customers. With our user-friendly account opening experience bundled with the new-age subscription-based model and services thereon, we aim to bring digital convenience to a larger customer segment.”

    Smarter Financial Experience with RBL Bank

    The RBL Bank’s GO Digital Savings Account is more than a savings account; it’s a friendly companion for your finances. Imagine a bank that not only helps you save but also cares about your financial goals.

    Take the first step towards financial freedom – open your account today and experience the difference.