Imagine yourself relaxing on a pristine beach, the sky is clear, the sun is about to set, and you are sipping on a refreshing piña colada. After months of saving, you have finally managed to finance your getaway to your ideal destination. Managing your finances while on the road can be as difficult as attempting to hail a taxi in rainy weather.

With the holiday season rapidly approaching, the cost of travel can become prohibitive, and your dream vacation may become a distant memory. However, you can follow a few simple tips to embark on your newest adventure.

1. Your Money Management Toolkit:

Make sure your money management toolkit is ready to roll before you go on your trip. Start with these essentials:

  • Emergency Cash: Store some cash in a safe place separate from your wallet. This way, if you ever lose your wallet, you will not have to worry about being stranded.
  • Travel Wallet: This should serve as your designated travel companion. It will keep your funds, credit cards and travel documents secure and organised.
  • Check Your Bank Statements: Examine your bank statements and credit card transactions on a regular basis to identify any unusual or unauthorized transactions. Report any irregularities to your bank as soon as possible.

    Pro-tip: Set up transaction alerts in your mobile banking app for real-time alerts on each transaction to help you identify suspicious activity.

  • Protect Your PINs and Passwords: Always protect your PIN and Passwords when using your card or ATM. Be aware of your environment to prevent fraud.

2. Use the Credit and Debit Cards Wisely:

Choose a credit or debit card that offers cashback, rewards or discounts on travel expenses. Many banks in India have special cards for travel that offer exclusive benefits such as lounge access, free vouchers, fuel surcharge waivers, etc. Before your trip, let your bank know about your travel plans so that they don’t block your card due to suspicious transactions at different locations.

world safari credit card

3. Utilise Digital Wallets:

You can use various apps for bill payments, shopping and even local transportation.

Unified Payments Interface (UPI) is India’s first and only unified digital payment system. It is a secure, convenient and easy way to make peer-to-peer payments.

4. Keep Expense Tracking Apps Handy:

There is an app for it all, including the ability to manage your travel expenses! Utilize expense tracking applications to record your expenditure in real-time. Many such applications categorize expenses and generate visual reports.

5. Use ATMs:

There is a risk of skimming devices and transaction errors, so it’s to use a bank ATM from a reliable bank in a safe place. Additionally, it is recommended to withdraw large amounts of cash in a single transaction without incurring additional fees. However, it is important to only withdraw what is reasonably necessary to reduce the likelihood of loss or theft. Avoid unnecessary withdrawal charges by utilizing ATMs that are part of your bank’s network.

6. Embrace Digital Banking:

Banks now provide mobile applications that enable users to manage their accounts and even freeze their cards in the event of a lost or stolen card. Utilize these digital tools to protect your financial assets.

7. Travel Insurance:

Your travel insurance is your guardian angel. Invest in comprehensive travel insurance to ensure that you are financially protected in the event of medical emergencies, cancellation of a trip, and lost property. Travel insurance provides peace of mind.

8. Easily Locate Branches & ATMs:

At your travel stops, make sure you know the branches and ATM locations of your bank. This can come in handy when you need help or want to withdraw cash.

Traveling around India can be an exhilarating experience, and learning how to effectively manage your finances while travelling can make it an even more enjoyable experience. With an organized budget, appropriate expense tracking tools and strategies, and a well-thought-out approach to accessing and safeguarding your funds, you will be able to explore new places and experiences without worrying about finances.

Whether you are sunbathing on the beaches of Goa, taking in the mesmerising views of Manali, or discovering the local attractions in a nearby town, travel should be a joyous experience, not a financial burden.

Bon voyage and bank smart!

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