If you have been planning for a trip for months, in the excitement and rush of things it is common to forget crucial details, which could hamper your vacation. However, you do not need to worry! We have accumulated a checklist that you should ensure you follow before your departure to get all your affairs in order so all you have to do while on vacation is focus on making memories for a lifetime.

Here is your pre-departure checklist for a hassle-free vacation: 

1. Carry copies of your passport and itinerary

Since everything is digital these days, carrying paper copies of your tickets, hotel reservations or local contacts may seem passe. However, often upon landing into a new country, you may not have adequate WiFi or phone reception to access such details or you may run out of phone battery and in such cases, you will be grateful to have a print out of your hotel address or your flight reservation details. Since your passport is your most valuable document when abroad it is advisable to have multiple copies of the same.

2. Check in with your health insurance carrier and doctor 

Another very important thing to do is ensure that you check in with your doctor that you have all the vaccinations required for your trip and renew all essential prescriptions. Ensure that you are carrying all medications you consume on a daily basis as well as any medication you may require in case of emergencies. Also, consult with your health insurance provider to see if you have adequate coverage for the country you will be travelling to. If you do not, it is advisable to purchase additional coverage or travel insurance. 

3. Check with your bank about foreign exchange rates

If you are planning to make all purchases during your trip on your Credit or Debit Card, ensure that you check with your bank to see what rate of exchange/additional charges will be levied on your card when you make payments abroad. Most banks charge mark-up fees on any international payments to ensure that they account for any fluctuations in currency exchanges.

It is also a good idea to tell your bank about your travel dates and where you will be travelling since otherwise foreign payments may be detected as a security breach and the bank may freeze your account or unauthorize your payment. You can also opt to get a prepaid travellers card like the Borderless Prepaid Card offered by RBL Bank. Using the card you can preload money in up to 9 different currency wallets (US Dollar, British Pound, Euro, Japanese Yen, Australian dollars, Canadian Dollars, Swiss Francs, Singapore Dollar, Emirates Dhiram)and avail free withdrawal from ATMs.

4. Carry cash on hand 

It is also very important to carry some cash in the local foreign currency in hand for any emergencies or for places which will not accept card payments. Additionally, usually for the first day of your trip, including for paying for meals at the airport, or for the taxi to your hotel it is advisable to carry cash on hand so you don’t have to go scrambling looking for an ATM machine.

5. Check your phone’s international calling capabilities

In the digital age today, it is almost impossible to go without having the internet on our phones even when abroad simply for logistical reasons such as accessing street maps, reservations, hailing cabs amongst others. Before travelling check with your phone provider about international data packs and ensure you know about the rates you will be charged. Often if you are travelling for a longer duration it might be smarter to get a local sim card and avail data on the same.

Following these small steps before your trip will help you maximize your enjoyment and minimize any worries!