As the winter months are fast approaching, we are all waiting to get out of the city and travel. Whether travelling with friends, family or loved ones, travelling can be a hefty expense and can burn a hole in your wallet. However, if used correctly, credit cards and credit card reward points can help make your travel experience much better. Better deals on flights and hotels along with upgrades and concierge services – cards come with a host of benefits. Here are five ways your credit card can improve your travel experience:

1. Use your credit card to get deals on flight bookings:travel ticket

While at times, air travel may be slightly more expensive than other methods of travel, its convenience and ease are undeniable. Numerous banks and credit card agencies have partnerships with airlines or travel portals to help provide credit card holders with discounts. In fact, you can even use your credit card reward points to buy deals on flights and earn additional rewards. If your travel plans are flexible, you will be able to get even more lucrative deals. With the RBL Bank Platinum Delight Credit Card, you get twice the number of rewards on weekends along with 1,000 bonus points every month. This reward program can make your travel plans more affordable.

2. Use your credit card to score amazing deals on hotels:

Taking a last minute trip? Cannot find a hotel in your budget? No need to worry! Use your credit card rewards program to find a hotel that is in your budget range and offers all the amenities you require. You can find special bargain offers using your rewards points or leverage your credit card’s frequent traveller status to find availability in hotels that may otherwise be shown as fully occupied. Credit card such as RBL Bank Classic Reward Credit Cards offers reward points earnings across all purchases. Cardholders can obtain 4 reward points for every Rs. 100 they spend domestically. You can redeem these points for hotel and airline vouchers as available on the RBL Rewards website.

3. Use your credit card for upgrades:

One of the best perks that can help enhance your travel experience is upgrades. After all who doesn’t like the luxury of sipping champagne in a business class seat or enjoy soaking in a hot tub in the executive suite of a hotel? However, paying for such luxuries from our own pocket can often feel like an unnecessary expense. Most hotels and airlines will let you pay for an upgrade solely using your credit card reward points. Upgrade rules certainly vary from hotel to hotel and airline to airline.

4. Eliminate the hassle of carrying cash:

Gone are the days when travelling abroad was associated with spending hours at the currency exchange counter, trying to decipher exchange rates and worrying about carrying cash around a new city. Due to the popularity of credit cards as well as the competition between credit card merchants, the process of spending money abroad has become quite streamlined. Most merchants worldwide accept VISA, MasterCard and American Express. In fact, if you opt for RBL Bank’s Classic Reward Credit Card, you can get twice the number of reward points for spending Rs. 100 internationally as compared to spending it locally. So not only does using your credit card eliminate the hassle of currency exchange and carrying cash, but also helps you earn more reward points on your purchases.

5. Use your credit card concierge services:

Exactly like the concierge in the lobby of a hotel, a credit card concierge will help you with information about restaurants, sightseeing, transport and help you get reservations, make event bookings and get tickets. Frequent travellers with a higher credit card status can often get special deals and access to exclusive events and services. Your credit card concierge can help you with bookings for shows, concerts, sporting events or any other event. Want to eat at the new restaurant that is the talk of the town but cannot get a reservation? Ask your credit card concierge to help you out! They have access to contacts and services you may not be privy to.

In conclusion, a credit card can dramatically improve your travel experience. Be sure to read up on the benefits your card offers before you take off on that trip.

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