There are too many things to consider while planning a vacation. From flight tickets and hotel bookings to sightseeing and shopping, you need to coordinate everything. Finding the right kind of hotel can add to your holidaying experience. Hotels come at a variety of prices. There are many ways that can help you book a luxurious stay for a reasonable price.

Here is how you get the best hotel deals:

1. Sign-up for savings:

Most of the travel and hotel websites offer special prices for their members. They curate promotions, discounts, and packages for their elite members. It is advisable to sign up and become a member. The sign-up process is mainly complementary and has added benefits. So, next time don’t just browse the site, sign up and save while you splurge.

2. Accumulate points:

Major hotel chains offer exclusive reward programmes. You earn points on booking a room. These points can be exchanged for complimentary hotel stays or upgrades. Another loyalty programme for customers is offered by hotel booking websites. The advantage, in this case, is, irrespective of the hotel chain you book, you earn reward points from the website. Some plans also enable you to consolidate your travel miles and reward points. You can redeem them for your stay at the hotel.

3. Travel-specific credit cards:

Banks offer tailor-made credit cards only for travel. With these cards, you can enjoy various complimentary services and facilities. On booking your hotel stay through a credit card, you can earn reward points and cashback offers; these can be used for future bookings. Banks provide a list of hotel deals with tempting discounts and promotions. With your travel credit card, get the best deals available.

hotel booking

4. Book in advance:

A simple way to land a smart deal is to book in advance. Making a reservation that offers free cancellation helps you get a good rate. Most hotels and booking sites offer packages and discounted check-out options when you book in advance.

5. Pay in advance bookings:

When you are sure about the holiday, pay up in advance and get great deals on hotel bookings. Booking sites and hotels provide you with competitive rates through discounts when you pay in advance. However, the amount is non-refundable.

6. Use discount or coupon codes:

Did you find your ideal hotel? Use discount or coupon codes to pay a lower rate. If you are a member of a chain of hotels, they will provide you with seasonal discount codes, especially for their inner circle guests. Coupon codes are widely available on the internet. A bit of research and browsing goes a long way.

7. Opt for region-specific websites or hotels:

Once you have shortlisted your region of travel, it is advisable to visit booking sites and hotels specific to that region. Local sites will offer better rates and deals as compared to global websites. Booking directly through the hotel’s website fetches you better rates with additional benefits.

8. Last-minute or auction deals:

With an influx of travel websites and the demand for hotel bookings, you could attempt to book a last-minute deal or a hotel through a virtual auction.

Next time you plan a holiday, do try out these options to book your hotel at an affordable price. Use your credit card to book your hotel and earn rewards. RBL Bank provides a variety of such services for its customers. To know more, click here.